About Us

FIFCC is a bureau within the Security Department with a mission to combat money laundering and illicit use of the financial system, and promote national security by gathering, analyzing and sharing financial intelligence, and strategically using financial authorities. FIFCC receives and analyzes financial transaction data for law enforcement purposes and builds global cooperation.

To fulfil its responsibilities toward the detection and deterrence of financial crime, FIFCC:

  • Issues and interprets regulations authorized by statute;
  • Supports and enforces compliance with those regulations;
  • Supports, coordinates, and analyzes data regarding compliance examination functions delegated to other Federal regulators;
  • Manages the collection, processing, storage, dissemination, and protection of data filed under FinCEN’s reporting requirements;
  • Maintains a government-wide access service to FinCEN’s data, and networks users with overlapping interests;
  • Supports law enforcement investigations and prosecutions;
  • Synthesizes data to recommend internal and external allocation of resources to areas of greatest financial crime risk;

Our Core Values

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